In the age of networking, from databases to knowledge, the control of data by a company has become a crucial issue. There is a great risk that you will not be able to make the right decision at the right time because of poor information management and thus get beaten by your competitors.

Statistic are here to help you manage the flow of information, organize it, synthesize it and make it workable. To this end, we provide you with the most up-to-date tools for data analysis and data mining, so that you can master the information instead of being overtaken by it.

Our core business is data analysis in the broad sense. We are able to analyze any existing database using data mining tools, extract the relevant elements and synthesize the information in a form understandable to non-specialists. If necessary, we can also help you at the data collection stage, advise you for the drafting of questionnaires, the conduct of surveys, etc.

In many situations, the quantitative aspect is only one of the facets of a project, but it is often decisive for ensuring its final quality. Whatever your field of activity, we are happy to advise you so that your research, analyzes, reports and publications meet international standards in terms of scientific rigor and can be disseminated and exploited.

Beyond the application of existing methods, one of our strengths is to propose when necessary the development of new methods and new algorithms created especially for you. In this way, you always have control over your data and always use it optimally.


The quality of the solutions we propose and the speed with which we can implement them stem directly from our perfect knowledge of the existing tools and the theoretical bases on which they are based.

Regarding statistical methods, we are specialists in particular of:

  • Descriptive and inferential statistics (graphical representations, synthetic indices, correlations, price indices, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, …).
  • Multivariate methods (linear and logistic regressions, factorial analyzes, analysis of variance and covariance, analysis of contingency tables, automatic classification, structural equation models, …).
  • Dynamic models (Markov chains, autoregressive models, GARCH models, …).
  • The process of data imputation and database merge.

At the software level, we can use most professional tools in the field, such as SPSS, R, Stata, Matlab, Excel, etc. When necessary, we adapt existing solutions so that they respond perfectly. to your specific needs or we develop new ones tailored to your needs.


If your company does not have the necessary internal skills to perform technically complex tasks, it is normal for it to call on specialists such as Abiris. However, sound management can not be done without at least mastering the basics of the different processes used. In addition, it is always necessary to improve to stay in phase with the needs of the market and stay one step ahead of its competitors.

With this in mind, Abiris not only processes your information, but can also train your employees. Whether you need a basic course in data processing, want to learn how to use softwares or want to improve your skills in a particular area of ​​statistical analysis, we are here to offer you courses specifically tailored to your needs, and designed so that you can instantly move from theory to practice. More than 10 years of successful teaching experience are a guarantee.